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    Collins Barrow Durham hosts Durham Exports business conference

    Courtice, ON - On Wednesday, September 14, Collins Barrow Durham will host Durham Exports (, a conference on building business opportunities and growth through exporting. This is a rare opportunity for business leaders to enjoy a day of intensive networking and learning.

    Corporate Finance

    Your go-to resource for investment banking, transaction structuring, M&A and capital advice — whether you’re a buyer, seller, lender, private equity investor or focused on growing or restructuring your business — our Corporate Finance professionals are masters of the art of the deal.

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    Farm succession planning: Insights into gifting to children

    A common question that we often get as farm tax advisors is whether or not farm property can be transferred to the next generation by way of a gift. This topic is becoming more and more important as nearly half of all farmers in Canada are 55 years of age or older and are preparing themselves for succession. Succession planning is the most discussed topic between farmers and their tax advisors. Contributing to this dilemma is that rising land values is creating significant amounts of wealth and making life difficult for the farmers to equalize their estates when there are active and non-active children involved in the farming business. Succession has become much more difficult, and a traditional solution of life insurance and non-farm assets may not be enough to equalize the estate.

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    Planning for U.S. expatriation – The ins and outs of IRC 877A

    The past several years have been a wild ride for many U.S. taxpayers (and tax practitioners), in particular for those residing outside of the country. While there are a surprising number of U.S. persons still grappling with becoming compliant, in general, the progression to considering expatriation has been somewhat predictable, as follows.

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    Investment Funds

    The investment funds industry has experienced significant growth in the last 20 years directly contributing to the wellbeing of the Canadian economy. As the leading advisors to the mid-market investment funds sector, we are the right partners to bring greater financial clarity and guidance.
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    Collins Barrow Leamington is opening a new office

    Leamington, ON - After more than 35 years of business in its current location, Collins Barrow Leamington is opening a new office. Having outgrown the 4,100 square feet at 92 Talbot Street East, the firm’s 17 staff members and four partners are upgrading to a 7,000 square foot facility at 203 Talbot Street West, adjacent to Leamington Medical Village

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    U.S. proposes new rules for related-party debt

    On April 4, 2016, the U.S. Treasury Department and the IRS issued proposed regulations which govern whether certain related-party debt instruments will be classified as either debt or equity for U.S. federal income tax purposes. These rules are designed to prevent the excessive shifting of profits between related entities by way of interest charges on related-party debt instruments.