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    CB Windsor appoints Scott Dupuis as managing partner

    Windsor, ON – Collins Barrow Windsor is pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Dupuis as managing partner. Scott has contributed to the unprecedented growth of its tax group and office, both of which have doubled in size since he joined the firm in 2012. Scott provides clients with a full range of tax advisory services and has established a reputation for success at Collins Barrow, where big firm expertise meets personal service.

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    Will you soon be paying more tax on your quota sale?

    Changes to eligible capital property rules

    The Canadian government is planning to change the way it calculates tax on quota sales beginning January 1, 2017. Many farmers are worried about how this will impact their operations, particularly if they are incorporated. This article seeks to clarify the coming changes and provide some suggestions to help farmers prepare.

    Corporate Finance

    Your go-to resource for investment banking, transaction structuring, M&A and capital advice — whether you’re a buyer, seller, lender, private equity investor or focused on growing or restructuring your business — our Corporate Finance professionals are masters of the art of the deal.

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    Infographic: Turn data into insight

    Organizations today create and store vast amounts of data in the course of business, and analytics can turn that data into insight for better decision-making. Data solutions are designed to add shareholder value to organizations. At Collins Barrow, we have the expertise to provide these solutions to a wide range of industries. Our strategies incorporate proven methodologies and years of relevant experience, resulting in comprehensive solutions for clients. 

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    Investment Funds

    The investment funds industry has experienced significant growth in the last 20 years directly contributing to the wellbeing of the Canadian economy. As the leading advisors to the mid-market investment funds sector, we are the right partners to bring greater financial clarity and guidance.
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    Succession planning? Here’s why you want to gift the farm

    There can be a significant amount of wealth tied-up in farm businesses—including partnerships and corporations—and there are opportunities in the succession process to distribute that wealth on a tax-free or tax-deferred basis. Much of this wealth is eligible for capital gains exemptions, allowing it to pass on to the next generation, so that they can continue farming without a heavy debt burden. If you’re in the process of planning the succession of your farming business, it’s important to consider taking advantage of gifting, as it allows you to apply tax benefits to farming assets.

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    Succession in the 21st century

    As Baby Boomers begin to hit retirement age, a major shift is occurring in succession planning. Trillions of dollars worth of businesses will change hands in the next decade. If this shift is not well managed, the economic impact will be significant. Ineffective transitions could result in decades of experience and knowledge being lost.