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    Technical Bulletin: October 2016

    This technical bulletin covers the various developments from July to September 2016. Collins Barrow regularly publishes Technical Bulletin for the general interest of its clients and friends to highlight the continually changing accounting and assurance standards, and the interpretations thereof, in Canada.

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    Got a travel business? 7 TICO questions you can’t afford to ignore

    TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) is a governing body of the travel industry in Ontario. It’s a government organization that oversees Ontario travel agents and travel-related businesses. If you’re not registered with them, you’re not allowed to have a travel business in Ontario. Once your business is registered, you must present your financial statements to TICO once a year and meet certain financial requirements in order to retain this license.

    Corporate Finance

    Your go-to resource for investment banking, transaction structuring, M&A and capital advice — whether you’re a buyer, seller, lender, private equity investor or focused on growing or restructuring your business — our Corporate Finance professionals are masters of the art of the deal.

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    Principal residence exemption – significant changes

    On October 3, 2016, among a series of other measures, the Department of Finance (“Finance”) introduced significant changes to the principal residence exemption rules under the Income Tax Act (Canada). The mandate of these changes was specifically to “improve tax fairness by closing loopholes surrounding the capital gains exemption on the sale of a principal residence.” The proposed changes to the principal residence exemption rules effectively limit the ability of certain taxpayers to reduce or eliminate the capital gain on the sale of their home.

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    Investment Funds

    The investment funds industry has experienced significant growth in the last 20 years directly contributing to the wellbeing of the Canadian economy. As the leading advisors to the mid-market investment funds sector, we are the right partners to bring greater financial clarity and guidance.