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    3 tips for filing U.S. taxes under the new IRS procedure

    Unlike other countries in the developed world, U.S. citizens residing in Canada are required to file income taxes in both Canada and the United States.

    However, both countries have developed tax policies independent of one another. What is taxable in one country may not be taxable in the other and vice versa, resulting in the increased possibility of double tax exposure.

    Because of complications like these, some American citizens residing in Canada have failed to remain compliant with U.S. tax regulations. A new IRS procedure is attempting to eliminate, or at least reduce, the penalties for non-compliant expatriates.

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    Infographic: Automobile Use by Employees

    If you find yourself behind the wheel of a car for work purposes, there’s a good chance your employer (a) provides the automobile or (b) pays you to use your own vehicle. Both options are viable, but they also present different income tax consequences — for employer and employee alike.

    Corporate Finance

    Your go-to resource for investment banking, transaction structuring, M&A and capital advice — whether you’re a buyer, seller, lender, private equity investor or focused on growing or restructuring your business — our Corporate Finance professionals are masters of the art of the deal.
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    Collins Barrow sponsors the CCLA’s 35th Civil Litigation Conference

    Mont Tremblant, QC – Collins Barrow’s Financial Advisory Services group is proud to sponsor the County of Carleton Law Association’s 35th Civil Litigation Conference. Taking place on November 20 and 21 at the Fairmont Tremblant in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, this event features a wide array of speakers sharing enlightening perspectives on surveillance evidence, judicial bias, arbitration appeals, estate litigation, neighbour principles, the electronic trial, and more of today’s most significant civil litigation issues.
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    Investment Funds

    The investment funds industry has experienced significant growth in the last 20 years directly contributing to the wellbeing of the Canadian economy. As the leading advisors to the mid-market investment funds sector, we are the right partners to bring greater financial clarity and guidance.